Medical Services

GP Consultation

The patient shall meet the doctor and discuss all health issues, and health concerns. Your doctor shall:

Laboratory Testing Services

This is a medical procedure which involves taking samples of your blood, urine, stool, or any body fluids which are required to help your doctors to:

Intramuscular Injection

Medications are given via Intramuscular route attended by our registered and well-trained employees.

Intravenous Infusion Therapy

It is a medical procedure which administers fluids, medications and nutrients directly into patients vein with doctor’s order. This procedure will:

Nebulization treatment

A nebulization therapy is provided to patient with conditions or illness with breathing problems like asthma. This medical procedure can:

Blood Glucose check

It is a procedure which can determine your blood sugar levels and one of the effective ways to monitor it specially to patient with Type I and Type II diabetes.

All this services, available in our centre.

Wound dressing

It is a procedure done by our healthcare professionals to properly clean and put cover for all kinds of wounds. This procedure:

Removal of infected nails (Avulsion)

It is a procedure which involves the removal of nail via minor surgery or chemical which can help to remove infected nails or nails with fungal infection.

Ear Piercing

It is a procedure for ear piercing.


An electrocardiogram or ECG procedure will check your heart’s rate, rhythm and electrical activity.

Medical Wellness Test

Preventative healthcare focuses on maintaining wellness and stopping health problems before they occur. This test may include:

First line management of Fracture

First aid treatment for a fracture is crucial to manage blood loss and prevent injury from getting worse. We provide the following services: